Samsung Gear VR2

Samsung VR for S6 Edge Plus in the UK is here

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Update 2 new link

Original Moan below:

There may be a few of us geeks in the UK looking for the latest VR offering from Samsung, which appears to be pre-releasing everywhere but here.

vrfocus are running updates as and when they occur. Their post linking to Amazon UK looks to be what we are waiting for although annoyingly no product details.

From what I can gather it the newer VR units are referenced as SM-R322NZWAxxx and then a 3 character country code. (The older headsets are SM-32x). Therefore the reference SM-R322NZWABTU looks good for the UK based on BTU being used before. I am not holding my breath for a release this year tho. Amazon quoting 1-3 Months… ho ho ho. Not exactly the best product launch from Samsung…

The new headset is “Compatible with Galaxy Note 5, S6 edge+, S6 and S6 edge.”

Note that the older headsets are prefixed as follows:
Gear VR Innovator Edition for S6 SM-R321.
Gear VR Innovator Edition for Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 SM-R320.

Links to vrfocus articles:

Links to Samsung:



New Zealand


South Korea



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