New Lab Environment 2015 and vpro VNC blackscreen

Now when I purchased nuc5i5mybe it was with the Intel® vPro Technology in mind. This technology requires no software for you to install and can be very useful for management purposes. There are lots of cool tools that can be used, but one of the most common is going to be the inbuilt vnc solution, which gives the ability see exactly what is happening and even login remotely.

Now the one stumbling block with the vnc solution which I did not initially realize is that a headless system (one without a monitor) may return a black screen when trying to logon.

The solution that I found easiest was to get a EDID dongle which is basically a plugin dummy monitor device about the size of small thumb drive. If you do search for “edid headless plug” you should be able to get one for around £10 pounds or less. This device will then pretend to be a monitor and solve the issue of a black screen on the remote desktop session.


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