Author: Jon Gurgul

  • New Lab Environment 2015 and vpro VNC blackscreen

    Now when I purchased nuc5i5mybe it was with the Intel® vPro Technology in mind. This technology requires no software for you to install and can be very useful for management purposes. There are lots of cool tools that can be used, but one of the most common is going to be the inbuilt vnc solution, which…

  • SQLRelay Bristol (13th Oct 2015)

    Just checked and this is down to the last 60 tickets, so I would register quick if you are able to come to the south west for this one. This event will be held on 13th October 2015 at Future Inns, Bond Street, Bristol, BS1 3EN #SQLRelay Bristol (Oct 13) 

  • Most Recent SQL Query

    Here is another query that is useful to have when you need to find out what everyone is up to. Or in some cases when we need to recover what was on someones ssms before they accidentally closed without saving work. 🙂

  • SQL Server Locks

    Here is a simple script to get some more detailed information about locking, which I have added to over the last few years.

  • Database Corruption Week 7 Solution

    Database Corruption Week 7 Solution

  • Database Corruption Week 6 Solution

    Database Corruption Week 6 Solution Check for corruption in the database, isolate to non clustered index. Keep changes that will be lost when repairing damage. In this case there are 2 row first name values that “look” to be incorrect in the cluster. Write two simple updates to be run following disable and rebuild of…

  • Database Corruption Week 5

    Database Corruption Week 5 This week I managed to achieve the goal, however it was not very elegant. Plus the only way I could achieve it was to use a hex editor. Basically I copied page 9 from the backup, and replaced it in the live version with an editor, which then enabled access to the…

  • Database Corruption Week 4 Solution

    Database Corruption Week 4 Solution Here is my late solution for week four. Blame the UK Bank Holiday. The original database and details for this can be found here: This week was harder, but easier with the clue provided pointing you towards the right area.

  • Database Corruption Week 3 Solution

    Database Corruption Week 3 Solution Here is the solution for week three. The original database and details for this can be found here: This week was kind of easy as all that is needed is to backup the transaction log with NO_TRUNCATE, and then follow a standard restore. If for some reason the database had been…

  • Database Corruption Week 2 Solution

    Database Corruption Week 2 Solution Unfortunately I missed week 2 submissions, but here is my solution for week two. The original database and details for this can be found here:   The data corruption is confined to a single page. Page 244. There is a non clustered index available meaning that the only columns that are…